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Caspian Group

Caspian Group

Registering Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company in 2011, Caspian Group commenced its activity  seriously with the aim of importing and exporting all basic goods (livestock inputs and medicines, raw livestock products including meat and poultry, paper, cardboard, etc.). Entering various fields based on the needs of society and the need to focus on the abovementioned areas and the use of committed, experienced and specialized manpower, has led this group to extend and register its subject companies so as to provide better quality and competitive services and products.

Currently, the Caspian group has an active and salient presence in the country, with a history of about a decade and with seven active subject companies, as well as regional offices in other countries in the world and deploying their forces to monitor the purchase and sale of goods, in the field of import of basic goods as well as the production of health products.

Subject Companies

Amir Pishro Sanat Caspian

Samin Protein Caspian

Mobin Tejarat Roham

Fazasazaan Caspian

Imen Salamat Caspian

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Economic Bases