Subject Companies

azargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company is the first company in the Caspian Group to be established in the field of specialized trade and import of basic goods needed by the people. This company made its first activity in 2013 by importing frozen meat. In just two years, the company emerged as one of the largest importers of meat, occupying 10% of the meat import market and becoming one of the main suppliers of meat during the period of shortage of this vital product. In recent years, Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company has also played a significant role in the supply chain in the field of importing livestock medicines. These achievements have made the company effective in the role of trusted director of relevant ministries and organizations.
In 2013, Negin Mine Kooh-i-Noor Company started to explore and extract copper mines and the production of the final product of the sheet copper. The main goal of this company is to provide a large part of the need for copper inside the country and exporting it to other countries and earn foreign currencies. Negin Mine Kooh-i-Noor Company started its activity by extracting two mineral sites in Kerman, Iran, and gradually expanded its mining activities. The company is currently extracting 12 mineral sites in this area. It is noted that the deployment of domestic power and technology is the core of the Negin Mine Kooh-i-Noor Company’s activities, which makes it possible to increase national employment and economic stability.
Amir Pishro Sanat Company launched its activities in 2018 in the supply of yarn and rare fabrics (required by public and private manufacturing sectors). The company has also been very impressive in the supply of the required paper and cardboard (especially in difficult sanctions period), so that shutdown factories in deprived areas (in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman) returned to the desired state with timely supply of required raw materials by Amir Pishro Sanat Company. Hence, the company has been able to obtain a high status in terms of trading and creating new methods of supply of raw materials.
Mobin Tejarat Company started its activity in 2019 in importing all types of electronic and electric goods. The company also played an effective role in cooperation with other Caspian Group companies in other business activities. It should be noted that in 2021 with the intensification of the epidemic of Corona, according to company’s field of activity, imports of machinery, materials and equipment needed by the mask production factories began. It should be noted that the Mobin Tejarat Roham Company, with the import of reputable mobile phone brands, has played an important role in facilitating education during Covid epidemy by providing part of required mobile phones of students (Shaad system, which has been used by schools) and university students – considering the proper price and quality.
Samin Protein Caspian Company launched its mission with the aim of specialized activity in domestic and foreign trade in 2018. The main focus of the company is to import and provide basic goods, especially the livestock raw products, which has succeeded in establishing business relations and cooperation with Brazil, Paraguay, Pakistan, Russia and CIS countries. An annual import of more than 10,000 tons of frozen veal and 2,000 tons of warm and frozen sheep carcasses confirm this important claim. Imports of livestock, white meat, meal, etc. are other things that the company is involved. Accordingly, Samin Protein Caspian Company is among the main and best suppliers of major commodity for military and public organizations and private sector producers.
Faza Sazan Pars Andisheh Company started its activity with the brand name of ‘Mahmoud Wood Industries’ in 1954 in a traditional way by producing various types of wooden decorations such as several full carved doors in Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine. Passing the traditional era, the company updated its capabilities in the form of a purposeful company with a global perspective and was registered in 2012. Receiving numerous certificates confirms the customers’ satisfaction with the activities of this company with a long history. Faza Sazan Pars Andisheh, in order to expand its fields of activity, has registered the ‘Maham’ brand and has been able to gain a share of the market of decorative and home products.
Imen Salamat Caspian Company (Private Joint Stock Company) in the field of production and packaging, purchase and sale, import and export of various medical and health supplies and necessities inaugurated Imen Salamat Caspian Mask Factory in September 2020, with the presence of the Governor of Tehran, the Governor of Pardis and a large group of relevant officials. Due to the high need for masks in the country (to deal with the corona epidemic), the managers and investors of Imen Salamat Caspian Company have expanded production to meet domestic demand and have increased the capacity of the daily production line to one million masks. It is worth mentioning that this company has been able to cooperate with reputable organizations and companies.