Paper as flexible sheets has many applications in writing, printing, packaging, cleaning and some industrial and construction processes. Over the past years, due to the importance of the use of paper and cardboard in various industries, the amount of imports of this product to our country has been increased significantly.

Types of Imported Paper

In the first three quarters of 2021 (in Iranian calendar), paper imports were 3137 tons of paper roll of newspaper worth two million and 778 thousand dollars. Germany, Emirates, India, Russia, Turkey and Hungary are the main countries that provide paper for Iran. According to the type of application, imported paper has different types. But it can be said that the country’s imported paper and cardboard include:

• Printing and typewriting
• Newspaper
• Copy grade
• Coated paper
• Grey back paperboard
• Ivory paperboard

It should be noted that the import of pulp has also been increased in recent years. Large-scale policies to protect natural resources have led to higher paper imports than domestic production.

Caspian Group

In 2021, the Caspian Group undertook the planning to import a variety of printing and typewriting paper, newspaper, coated paper, grey back and ivory paperboard, and this led to import of about 4,000 tons of paper and cardboard for publications, newspapers, as well as drug manufacturing and health and cosmetic factories. Among our main customers in this area, it can be referred to the union of Iranian publishers, Ghalamchi Institution, and other private sector publications, as well as carton and pharmaceutical boxes.

Reading, cultural growth of society and promote mental health of people are long-term vision and attention of the Caspian Group. In many years, with increasing cultural materials and people’s interest in the book and reading the country’s need for paper increased. This issue in recent years resulted in a shortage of paper and cardboard for publications and newspapers. The Caspian Group, by its knowledge and experience, once again managed to minimize the problem. Of course, this is not the only purpose of this company, and great efforts in terms of physical health of society were carried out with helping carton manufacturing plants for medications and health care.